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Why Transparent Health Was Created

Over the past few years, I've begun or contributed to a number of open source projects.  These have mostly been centered around health technology while supporting the Unites States federal government agencies such as CMS ,  HHS , and NIST . and were first created as a place to consolidate these open source projects into one place.  Other people seemed to like the idea.  Not only is open source software a good idea, but so is the adoption of open standards.  We made facilitating the adoption of standards a priority as well. To ensure the long term maintenance of these projects and goals it became increasingly apparent that software foundation was needed. Hence Transparent Health was created. In April of 2018, Transparent health became a non-profit organization.  The directors of the organization are Mark Scrimshire , and myself .  Other people are helping out too. We are just getting started! We encourage your cod

Transparent Health: A Non-profit Organization

Transparent Health received tax exempt status from the IRS making it a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We look forward to expanding our role as custodians of open source projects that benefit health care consumers.